May 20, 2021

National Republican Owned Businesses


Dell – 74 percent of the $217,000 Dell spent in the 2004 election cycle went to Republicans. About three-quarters of the money donated by the Round Rock, Texas company came from individual employees.

Entertainment & Events

Coachella – This popular music festival may appear liberal in nature, but the people who run Coachella’s parent company are anything but. Anschutz Corporation, which is run by Philip Anschutz, donates mostly to Republicans. 

Marvel Entertainment – The Marvel movies have been making billions at the box office in the recent years, and that money has made the Marvel Entertainment Board members and Shareholders very wealthy. The Chair of Marvel Entertainment, Isaac Perlmutter, donated more than $350,000 to the Trump Victory Committee after the 2016 election.

Food & Beverage

Anheuser-Busch – Anheuser-Busch executives and shareholders donated over $60,000 to Republican and conservative campaigns. They have also organized several PACs to donate money to Republican campaigns as wells.

Applebee’s – The Democratic Underground reports that Applebee’s leans to the right 91 percent of the time.

Bang Energy Drinks – The Bang Energy brand is manufactured by Vital Pharmaceuticals, and the CEO is Jack Owoc, who is a proud supporter of President Donald Trump and buddies with Donald Trump Jr. In March of 2019, the company donated $250,000 to a pro-Trump super PAC.

Chick-fil-A – The fast food chain is closed on Sundays and was the subject of protests when it came to light that the chain president was anti-gay. When asked about the company’s support of anti-gay organizations, chain president Dan Cathy stated that he was “guilty as charged.” He added, “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit.”

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store – Cracker Barrel is a company that caters to conservatives. It serves good food rather than health food, sells pro-military and pro-God apparel in its stores, and is unabashedly pro-conservative. So, if you’re going out to eat, try to eat at Cracker Barrel. It’s delicious, pro-American, and one of the conservative companies that we need to support.

Domino’s Pizza – Tom Mohaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, is a staunch supporter of anti-choice groups, including Right to Life, Operation Rescue, and the Committee to End State-Funded Abortion in Michigan. As a devout Catholic, Monaghan also founded Ave Maria University. Along with Monaghan, company chairman David Brandon served as finance co-chair for Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign.

GOYA FOODS – Goya Foods is a Latino Food company that sells a wide variety of home cooking staples. Its goods are sold online and in grocery stores. Back in July of 2020, Goya CEO Robert Unanue described Americans as “truly blessed” to have Mr. Trump’s leadership. Then, when leftists tried to boycott his company because he publicly supported Trump, he declared that he wouldn’t back down. He stood by his guns and publicly defended Trump.

In-N-Out Burger – The COO of In-N-Out Mark Taylor, and his wife Traci Taylor, have personally donated the maximum individual donations to President Trump and the Republican Party since 2016. Mark and Traci Taylor have continued to donate to Trump and the GOP in the years following the 2016 election.

Outback Steakhouse – Republican candidates have received 90 percent of the steakhouse’s political contributions.

Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut Franchises Assoc., is the #11 contributor to the Republican party in the food industry. Of the $114,500 contributed, 95 percent went to Republicans.

Red Lobster – In the 2012 election season, at least 67 percent of the company’s PAC donations went to Republicans. However, Company Chairman and CEO Clarence Otis made sure to contribute to both parties. According to, Red Lobster’s political donations generally swing to the right 91 percent of the time.

Taco Bell – According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 87 percent of donations by Taco Bell’s parent company Yum! Brands’s PAC have gone to Republicans this election cycle.

Waffle House – The breakfast joint has donated $100,000 to the American Crossroads, a Karl Rove super PAC. Think Progress adds that CEO Jim Rogers Jr. is a longtime Republican supporter. Because of this, the company’s political action committee only gives money to Republicans.

Wendy’s – In 2015, Wendy’s donated $230,000, 91 percent of which went to Republicans.

White Castle – While their donations aren’t as high as others, the company has still given $25,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC, which is linked to House Speaker John Boehner.

Wonder Bread – Wonder Bread’s parent company Flowers Foods is even more right wing than the Koch brothers. The company has given almost 100 percent of its political contributions to GOP candidates from 1979.

Home & Garden

Angel Soft – Angel Soft is run by Koch Industries headed by Charles and David Koch. These two shared plans to funnel about $400 million in donations to these conservative groups.

Personal Care

Estee Lauder – According to the Federal Election Commission, long-standing cosmetics company Estée Lauder’s heir Ronald Lauder gave a whopping $100,000 to the Trump Victory PAC. That really makes you think twice before buying that overpriced makeup.

Revlon – Revlon is owned by the private equity firm MacAndrews & Forbes Inc., and the CEO and Chairman of the firm is Billionaire Ronald Perelman. Perelman’s daughter is the CEO of Revlon. He donated $8,000 to President Trump’s re-election campaign, and over $100,000 to pro-Trump super PACs.


Bass Pro Shops – In recent years, Bass Pro Shop has formed partnerships alongside conservative organizations such as the NRA to promote the Second Amendment as well as other causes. Bass Pro Shops is one of the largest, privately-owned conservative companies in the world. It is owned by Johnny Morris, who is a lifelong Republican and devout Christian, raising his kids the same. During the 2020 Presidential Election, Johnny Morris and Bass Pro Shops have donated almost $20,000 to various Republican candidates, for both presidency and the Senate/House of Representatives!

Best Buy – Best Buy publicly donated $100,000 to MN Forward, an organization that only backs candidates who oppose gay marriage. To qualify for their funding, the candidates must also be Republican. After donating the money, Best Buy stated that the donation “is based solely on the need to help elect candidates who will make jobs and economic issues a top priority this election.”

CVS – According to a February 2018 report in the Wall Street Journal, the national pharmacy chain donated to $35,000 to the Trump Victory PAC and is one of the Trump reelection campaign’s biggest corporate donors.

Hobby Lobby – The company was founded by David Green, who still retains control of the company to this day. In the past, the Green Family has donated several hundred thousand dollars to Republican campaigns, including $10,000 during the 2020 Presidential Election.

Publix – In recent years, Publix has made headlines for its record donations to Republican campaigns. During the 2020 Presidential Campaign, Publix executives and shareholders contributed over $50,000 to Republican candidates. Where most other supermarkets have doubled down on “No gun” policies, Publix has publicly stated it doesn’t really mind legal conceal and carry in their stores, as long as it is for self-defense reasons only.

The Home Depot – The Home Depot contributed more than $1.7 million towards PACs in 2014. Of that money, 73 percent went toward Republican candidates. Home Depot founder Bernard Marcus had a lot to do with this statistic. He once went on record saying that any retailers not donating money to Republican senators and other right wing politicians should be shot and “thrown out of their goddamn jobs.”

Urban Outfitters – President and CEO Richard Hayne is an avid Republican and strong supporter of Rick Santorum. He is also actively against gay marriage and abortion and pulled a pro-gay shirt from the company’s racks in 2008.

Versace – Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman is a very close friend and ally of President Donald Trump, the two met while in college. Not only does Schwarzman own 20% of Versace, but he is also the CEO and Chairman of The Blackstone Group, a private equity firm that funds hundreds of companies. Schwarzman even served in the first year of the Trump Administration as an advisor. He has donated more than $325,000 to the Trump Victory Committee.


Remington – Known for producing the most amount of sporting firearms in the world, Remington is huge supporter of the Second Amendment. They support organizations like the NRA. In recent elections, Remington has almost solely donated to Republican candidates too!

Sturm, Ruger & Company – Sturm, Ruger & Company is not only one of the largest gun makers in the U.S, but is also one of the largest supporters of the NRA, having pledged to give the association $5 million in 2016.


Delta Air Lines – Total donations: $2,045,942 –
Percentage donated to Republicans: 52.2% Percentage donated to Democrats: 45.4%

ExxonMobil – Total donations: $2,134,633
Percentage donated to Republicans: 63.0% to Percentage donated to Democrats: 36.0%

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