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Grace Home Cleaning is Omaha’s premier home cleaning service.What sets us aside from other Home Cleaning Companies? Some might say the quality of service. Others might say “They do what they say they will do.” But really, what sets us apart is our employees, they are the highest paid Professional Home Cleaners in Omaha, bottom line. We Take Care of Team with Pay for Performance Pay Structure.So how does Grace Home Cleaning pay our Professional Home Cleaners? Their pay structure is called “Pay For Performance” so that means their pay is a commission based pay that is based on your review and their performance which gives them a reason to clean in a highly efficient and effective manner. We Invest in a Cutting Edge Home Cleaning Training Program.Other reasons that set our Professional Home Cleaners above and beyond our competition is our training program. Regardless of experience, each employee goes through a rigorous training program to show them the best way to clean your home, so every nook and cranny are not missed in the cleaning process.

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